Star Stories of The Dreaming

Oldest knowledge on the planet ... screening at:

1. SBS/NITV 8.30pm Sunday 18 December 2016 - 52 minute condensed version

2. RMIT University, Melbourne "Sustainability Week" - mid March 2017

"When I listen to my grandmother, that's my Dad's mum, she was taught by her grandmother who was an old woman when the whiteman first come into our Country and she taught my grandmother. In our way of teaching we skip a generation that's how we compress knowledge and that's how we keep that knowledge pretty much intact ..." Ghillar, Michael Anderson

Euahlayi Astronomy parallels with Einstein's space-time theory

Ghillar, Michael Anderson, shares the Stories of the universe that can be told publicly. He has been doing this though oral presentations and now for a broader audience in the recently premiered film 'Star Stories of The Dreaming'. In these Star Stories he has revealed ancient Stories of the stars, the Blackholes and the creation of the natural world that we all now belong to. Very recently Western scientific research has now confirmed these very ancient Stories about the Aboriginal world of Creation. The ancient Stories go much deeper than what science has delivered so far.